Profil_2French citizen living in Luxembourg City1, I am a recent graduate from a business and management school in France2 and excited to be building my professional experience here!

I was born and raised in Bordeaux3 area (south-west of France) and so was built to love good wine, sailing, walks in the woods / on the beach and History with a big H. Pure product of these lands, I like to be reminded that my family was one of the first to settle in le Bassin d’Arcachon, by walking the streets bearing the names of my ancestors or by browsing the pages of books featuring ancient pictures of family properties. In other words I am proud of my cultural inheritance.

I am deeply convinced that where you come from influences who you become and where you go; likewise, the education you receive4 will give you unique traits that can be changed into what I call natural skills5. I dedicated a whole page to my skills, so you can have a little taste of what I can do and who I am.

I have always been encouraged to have an open mind and to work hard to get what I want. As a result I have worked every summer since age 146.

I never mention these early professional experiences in my CV or during interviews because I was told that they are not important; au contraire mon cher! These experiences played a crucial role in my learning of resilience, hard work in a challenging environment7, high attention to detail8 or customer relationship.

Of course, when I got into EDHEC Business School I knew that I would have to intern in « real » companies. During my time at school I got several professional experiences blending logistics, marketing, communication, social media, web and human resources. I was also involved in a student association9 which was really exciting – it felt just like working in a startup!

But enough telling on this portrait page, I filled an entire section of this website with my past experiences, just for you to read (see the top menu).


you might want to hire a creative and passionate graduate after reading this. Access the « my skills » and « my experiences » sections at your own risks!

  1. Capital city of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  2. EDHEC Business School
  3. Learn more about Bordeaux and Lège-Cap-Ferret
  4. From family or other people close / important to you
  5. As opposed to acquired skills
  6. I have had many different jobs: baby-sitting, house-cleaning, tutoring, salesgirl in a breeding ground / garden centre as well as in a high-end delicatessen shop, waitress in a pâtisserie & salon de thé
  7. Well, try spend an entire day under a greenhouse in the middle of summer!
  8. Clean a 400 sqm summer house in less than 2 hours after a family of tourists spent 2 weeks here – miss a spot and you don’t get paid!
  9. Total EDHEC Entreprendre